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The Capital CoLAB's Digital Tech Credential is offered by regional universities and provides opportunities for learners to acquire in-demand digital skills needed for jobs in the Capital Region

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  • The Credential is free and open to all majors at participating CoLAB universities. CoLAB students receive exclusive access to a student portal with internship and event opportunities;
  • You will gain the most in-demand digital tech skills for entry-level jobs by taking a pathway of courses. Your university has curated this curriculum in partnership with the Capital Region's leading employers;
  • You will earn a Digital Tech Credential upon completion of required courses. Communicate your digital literacy to the region's top companies.

We encourage you to join the Capital CoLAB community and explore opportunities to enhance your digital tech skills! 

Have more questions about the Credential? Check out our FAQs and reach out to your university's career center to learn more!

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Explore credential pathways at American University
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Explore credential pathways at Bowie State University
Frostburg State University
Explore credential pathways at Frostburg State University
Gallaudet Univ
Explore credential pathways at Gallaudet University
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Explore credential pathways at George Mason University 
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Explore credential pathways at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies
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Explore credential pathways at George Washington University
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Explore credential pathways at Howard University
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Explore credential pathways at Marymount University
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Explore credential pathways at Towson University
Untitled design - 2021-08-20T101705.496
Explore credential pathways at Trinity Washington University
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Explore credential pathways at University of District of Columbia
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Untitled design - 2021-08-20T102524.974
Explore credential pathways at University of Maryland 
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Explore credential pathways at University of Maryland Global Campus
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Explore credential pathways at University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Untitled design - 2021-08-20T102702.198
Explore credential pathways at University of Richmond
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Explore credential pathways at Virginia Commonwealth University
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Explore credential pathways at Virginia Tech
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